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Classic Kit

  • Free Standing or Attached
  • Mulitple Tail Designs
  • Standard Sizes Only
  • 8.75" Beam
  • 5.5" Rafter

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Deluxe Series

  • Clear Spans up to 14 Ft.
  • Free Standing or Attached
  • Mulitple Tail Designs
  • Custom Sizes
  • 9.25" Beam
  • 7.25" Rafter

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Premium Series

  • All of the Features of Standard Plus
  • Clear Spans up to 25 Ft.
  • Engineered to Meet International Building Code
  • Multiple Rafter & Beam Sizes
  • Custom Scrolled Ends Available

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Dual Beam Option
Ledger Board
Cover for Single 2x6
Cover for Single 2x8
Cover for Single 2x10
Cover for Double 2x10
If a clear span is not required. You are able to reduce the cost of your pergola by adding additional structural posts.
Plain Lath
Square Lath
Hollow Purlin
Timber 6x6
Timber 8x8
Hollow Structural Column By Others


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